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"My work offers formal and textural qualities that both confound and intrigue, inviting the viewer to upend assumptions, to step closer, and to consider the renderings in new ways. 


 I challenge the conventions of art-making in two-dimensional works that appear sculptural, and with hand-rendered forms that may be initially mistaken for photographs or digital manipulation. However, my intent is not to deceive; rather, I welcome prolonged contemplation in a time marked by superficial analysis.


Once engaged, viewers may sense a contradiction between rough stone and smooth flesh as symbolic of relationships (with the self or with others) or they may prefer a tension between representation and abstraction — one containing both stark, unknowable shapes and the refuge of an imagined landscape.


Free of social or gender constructs and contemporary references, my work seeks to heighten consciousness through timelessness."

Tremmaglia is a multidisciplinary artist. Known for his illustration work, he has worked with many reputable magazines and journals such as Applied Arts, American Illustration, 3×3 Magazine, Village Voice, Amnesty International, WIRED and Reader’s Digest. 

As he embarks on a new discipline in painting, his art practice propels in a new direction that reflects on the human condition and materiality - while holding true to the strength of his ability to combine and layer imagery in a way that is visceral and expressive. 


Advanced Illustration, Honours, Sheridan College , Toronto Canada

Graphic Design, Honours,  Algonquin College, Ottawa Canada


Selected Exhibitions

2019  Hard to Find, Ottawa Art Gallery OAG, Galerie Annexe, Ottawa, ON
          Le Party Ottawa Art Gallery OAG, Ottawa, ON 
          Other Art Fair: Saatchi presents:  EXPO Center, Brooklyn New York



TREMMAGLIA Works for Sale
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