"In creating fine art photographs, my approach is that the image is representational but it is consumed by the viewer to evoke connections beyond the frame.  I inject elements of Eureka into the image by utilizing form, color, tonality and meaning which work to create a sense of discovery and connection.  The result must be original rather than derivative. 


Today, the sophistication and power of image editing software gives me tools to create and shape such original images in post-processing.  I use these tools sparingly as I demand that the final result will look like a photograph rather than “digital art”.  None the less, the creative decisions that I do adopt in post-processing are identical to the decisions painters make in building up their works.  I paint as well and believe that the two media, painting and photography are increasingly converging in my work and in general.  Each complements the other.."  


Selected Exhibitions
2017    Red Dot Miami

            Wimberley, ArtsFest, 2007-2017
            Art Santa Fe
            Dripping Springs “The Show”
2016    Gruene Lakes Art
2015    Austin Domaine
2014    La Villita San Antonio
            Austin Spicewood Art
2012    Austin, Studio Two (solo show)
2011    Buda Fine Art
2010    La Villita San Antonio
2009    Buda Fine Art