"For me, painting is a process of experimental development. The interaction of different media and colors provide endless inspiration. The inner communication starts intuitively.

A stroke of the brush becomes an inspiration, only during the last phase of the
process I'm taking over the interpretation. Using mixed media, I am free and unbound. The incomprehensible is transferred into colors, takes shape and form to make the invisible visible."

Limacher was born in Germany, spent 20 years of her adult life in California, where she earned her MBA and built her own consulting company together with her Swiss husband.

Limacher began her full-time painting practice a few years ago, having discovered her passion for painting by chance when walking into a professional studio in 2013.


Painting has become her meditation and passion. Her wish is that her work touches the viewer in some way, to make the viewer pause, to make their feelings or dreams visible. Limacher's paintings have a lucid iridescent light that transfixes the viewer, ushering euphoric tranquility. 

She currently lives in Lucerne, Switzerland, with her family and is in the studio as often as possible. Although relatively new to the art world, Limacher's art can be found in many private collections in Europe and the US.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2018  Monteoliveto Gallery, LuxExpo The Box, Luxembourg

2018  The Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2018  Monteoliveto Gallery, Antwerp Expo, Belgium

2018  A Taste of the World, San Francisco

2018  Meggen Offene Atelier Tour, Lucerne, Switzerland

2018  Lausanne Art Fair, Lausanne, Switzerland

2018  Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea della Brianza, Caloziocorte, Italy

2018  La Camera delle Meraviglie, Galleria d'Arte Mentana, Florence

2018  On Tour Milano, Milan, Italy

2018  Galleria Merlino, Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy

2018  Galleria Merlino, Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy

2018  Galleria Merlino, Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy

2018  Biennale delle Nazioni  |  La Misericordia 16 - 19 MAR  |  Venice, Italy

2018  Oxford International Art Fair, Oxford, England

2017  WEContemporary Art Show, Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome

2017  Gallerie Benzeholz, Meggen, Switzerland

2016  Vernissage, Binsgarden, Meggen, Switzerland

2016  Vernissage, Weingut Seeburghof, Luzern, Switzerland