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“The intent of my work with bronze is simply to express the nature and beauty of the material itself.


From the original designs in wax, I make each bronze form unique, each showing subtle variation of texture and color. Use of simple forms frees the viewer to see the qualities of bronze without concern for subject or detail. Light is of major interest to me; therefore the coloring or patina, which is a natural occurrence, is only slightly manipulated to enhance each piece. These forms in bronze are contemporary creations yet hold primitive connotations. Minimal uses of finishing techniques allow a closer connection to the casting process -- the pouring of the metal at a temperature of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process generates tremendous energy, not too different from the energy that created earth and life.


It is here, I hope, that when holding one of my forms, you will look beyond the initial interest and feel the timeless beauty and power of bronze.”



1970-73 University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 

1973-75 Harrington Institute of Design


Selected Exhibitions

2016 American Craft Exhibition, Chicago Botanic Gardens
         Lakefront Festival of Art
         Sculpture At Little Rock
         American Craft Council
         Philadelphia Museum Fine Craft Show 
2015 Kohler Arts Center Lakefront Festival of Art
         American Craft Exposition Sculpture at River Market American Fine Craft Show 

2014 American Craft Exhibition Columbine Gallery
         Fine Furnishings Show
2013 American Craft Exhibition 

         Edgewood Orchard Gallery Sculpture at River Market Lakefront Festival of Art 
2012 American Craft Exhibition Philadelphia Museum Fine Craft Show 

         Washington Craft Show St. Louis Art Fair Sculpture at River Market 

2011 American Craft Exhibition Philadelphia Museum Fine Craft Show 

         Edgewood Orchard Gallery Washington Fine Craft Show 
2010 Philadelphia Museum Fine Craft Show 
         American Craft Council
         Des Moines Arts Festival
         5 MEN AT WORK Exhibition, Cedarburg Cultural Center
         Eight Counties Exhibition, J. Michael Kohler Art Center

2009 Architectural Heritage Tour Fairfield Museum of Art 

         Lustre Gallery, Two Person Show 

         St. Louis Art Fair 2008 ACC Fine Craft Show 
         American Craft Exhibition
         Speckled Egg Gallery, One Person Show 

2007 National Sculptor’s Guild Art Institute of Chicago 

         Sculpture at River Market

2006 Edgewood Orchard Gallery, Three Person Show 

         ACC Craft Show
         St. Louis Arts Festival Westchester Fine Craft Show Crafts at the Castle
         One of a Kind Show 

2005 Danville Arts Center, One Man Show ACC Craft Show 

         ArtPost Gallery, Three Person Show 2004 American Craft Exposition 
         ACC Crafts Show
         West Palm Beach Fine Craft Show 

2003 Anne Arbor Arts Festival, Cherry Creek Arts Festival 

         Enhancements, Functional Objects
         Chapman – Friedman Gallery, Two Person Show 

2002 “Neo-Icon”, Two Person Show, Columbine Galleries Washington Craft Show 

         Highland Park Festival of Fine Art ACC Craft Show

2001 Philadelphia Museum Fine Craft Show Coconut Grove Festival of Art 

2000 “Convex Light” Two Person Show, Columbine Galleries S.O.F.A. 

          Scottsdale Arts Festival Washington Fine Craft Show Plaza Arts Festival

1999 ACC Craft Show S.O.F.A. 
1998 SOFA
1996 National Sculpture Exhibition Sculpture in the Park 
1991-98 Quast Sculpture Exhibition 1989-91 China to Taos 


2016 Crafts People – In Their Own Words

2012 Milwaukee Sentinel Journal

2011 Milwaukee Home Magazine, featured article

2010 American Style Magazine, featured article

2008 Ozaukee Press

2007 Washington Home

         Wisconsin Trails Magazine

2006 American Style

         Milwaukee Home Magazine

2003 Santa Fean

         Arts Across Kentucky (cover)

1998 Vail Magazine

1994 Southwest Art
         Kentucky Advocate Messenger  

1990 Taos Magazine
1989 Denver Post
         U.S. Art
         Taos Magazine

         Southwest Profile

Public Collections 
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Cedarburg Public Library

North Shore Hospital

Cameron Memorial Hospital

MUSE Hotel

American Board of Surgery
North Shore Skokie Hospital

Vogul Schwartz Sculpture Garden

Marriot Metro Center

Colorado Northwestern College

Little Rock Convention Center

Wells Fargo Corporate Collection

Costa Rica Ministry of Art

U.S. Embassy
Chris & Jack Harris
City of Loveland Public Art

Presidential Collection of Poland

Lisa & Scott Kelley
Our Lady of the Pines Church
Danville/Boyle County Community Arts Center
McDowell Place
Horan-Mcconnety Funeral Home
McDowell Park

Inn at Loretto

Slaterpaull Architects


There are currently no works available by this artist.

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