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“My paintings convey years of travel seeking stories of all kind; experiences involving nature, places, people and sounds that are woven into the relationship with vibrant colors, texture and lines. It is a sculptural interpretation of the images and emotion accumulated from my travels.

I hope that through my paintings, where all the elements of an experience come together, I am able to communicate the essence of my surroundings.”

Daniela Pasqualini is an innovative Italian painter based in the United States whose abstract works have been exhibited internationally and are held in private collections worldwide. Since she was a child, Pasqualini has been expressing herself through drawing and sketching, developing a passion for the arts. By breaking down elements of flora and fauna, she transforms her observations of nature onto the canvas, bringing rhythm to splashes of vibrant color and creating texture through form.

Selected Exhibitions

2021 “Art + Heart: transformed” - Dallas
2020 Disrupting the Stillness - LOHME ART GALLERY MALMÖ, SWEDEN
         Collaboration with “Lord & Taylor” NYC – 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
         The Visionary Projects, New York, New York
          “Motion in Art” – Singulart Gallery – Paris, France

2019 Featured artist Daniela Pasqualini at the La CIMA  Club – Irving/Las Colinas                             REVISITING PLACES” – m-ARCHITECTS Gallery - Houston

         VAA Art Gallery ‘Member show” - Dallas, TX, USA

2018 Featured artist Houston Club

          WESTELM HOUSTON CityCenter – featured artist

2017 Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA
         IDEAS OF HOME -- University Place Gallery, Cambridge - MA – USA

2016 Miami Art Basel - Miami Beach Convention Center, FL, USA

         L’Alchimia della natura nelle opere di Daniela Pasqualini

         Galleria Il Collezionista - via Rasella, 132 Roma - Italy



Pasqualini Works for Sale
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