"What seems like chance or serendipity actually reflects years of honed skills in measuring, blending, searching to find what responds to my inner sense of how colours, light and dark, compete - tensions release, conflict and resolution - an echo of life - its journey of holding back and letting go - paying attention to the tiniest detail and seeing the broader picture at the same time. Over my varied encounters with art viewers I have found that a work of art doesn't only exist in a vacuum and once it leaves the scrutiny of meeting my original conception it acquires a dimension through "conversation" with the observer and their impressions, questions, reflections. It is the ultimate witness to the fruitfulness of my creative work to see such reactions and to share in their varied interpretations."

Fintan Whelan's method of painting is characterized by an immediacy of the process and an urgency of vision, which he has been developing over several years. Despite the appearance of serendipity, Whelan's technique involves constant assessment, measurement and exploration of pigments and their configurations, combined with varnishes, oils and a variety of materials.


The challenge that Whelan's art constitutes his motivation - that is to create resonances between or among the senses by exploiting the ever-changing detail of light and texture. His abstracts are worlds eliciting a multitude of emotional and intellectual responses that we, as viewers, must resolve.

DunLaoighre School of Art, Dublin Institute of Technology Mountjoy Sq., Dublin

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2019  508 Gallery, London 

2018  508 Kings Road Chelsea Gallery, London
2018  London Design Week

2017  Gallery Wasserscheune, Adelebsen, Germany

2017  "Wavelength", Johanniskirche, Kassel, Germany
2017 "100% Abstract" - Le Dame Art Gallery, London

2016  Rothe House, Kilkenny, Ireland
2016  Gallery Bottega d'Arte Merlino, Florence, Italy
2015  Espacio Gallery, London, UK
2015  Boundary Art Gallery, Cardiff, UK

2014  Arts and Culture Centre, McAuley Place, Dublin, Ireland
2014  Winkelman Gallery, Hannover, Germany
2013  Beautiful Losers - 4h-art Gallery, Hannover, Germany
2013  Torhaus Galerie, Göttingen, Germany
2013  Schofield's Gallery, Göttingen, Germany
2010  Atelier Block 16, Hannover, Germany
2009  Jan. - Silberstein Atelier, Göttingen, Germany
2006  Solvay Chemicals, Weesp, Netherlands
2005  'Luz y Espacio’, Museo de Blas Infante, Granada, Spain