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“I was born in Brooklyn NY 1969. At the age of 4 I moved to Mexico City. I currently reside between Mexico and Miami. From an early age I have had inclinations towards painting, art, and design. I have taken different workshops with great masters of: Drawing, Monotype, Painting, Abstract Painting, in Mexico City and in the United States.


I have been invited to participate in collective exhibitions and auctions in
various spaces in Mexico City such as: Fundación Sebastián, Museo
Tamayo, Museo Soumaya and Museo de Anthropology and Museo Franz Mayer.

I currently work with several international galleries.
My works are in private collections in various countries such as: Argentina, Singapore, London, Germany, the United States, Colombia, Spain and Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions
2012. Group Exhibition at Fundación Sebastián. Mexico City
2013 Exhibition Only in Subdivision Fuentes de las Lomas. Mexico City
2013 Collective Exhibition in Miami FL. Paramount Bay. Art Basel Week.
2013. Auction Participation Leaving Footprints” Soumaya Museum, Mexico City.
2014 Participation in the Craft Auction of the Museum of Anthropology. Mexico City.
2015 Collective Auction "Self-portrait" at Centro Deportivo Israelita Mexico City
2015 Collective Exhibition Monte Sinai Community, Mexico City.
2016 Collective Exhibition “Abstraction” DUO Art Gallery, Miami, FL. .
2017 Solo Exhibition "Reinventando" in Espacio y Lugar Gallery, Mexico City
2017 Participation in Steve Aimone's Residency “Non objective Art”. Maine, US.
2019 Participation in the first edition of BADA Mexico, Art Week.
2021 Participation in the Miami Art Week Spectum Fair.
2022 Participation in the 2nd Edition of BADA Mexico, Art Week.
2022 Participation in “Stones with Memory” exhibition Soumaya Museum, Mexico City
2022 Participation in the Miami Art Week Spectum Fair



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