For his art, Ilan finds objects, or, just as often, they find him. Antique, vintage, and modern objects are made new, vibrant, and repurposed. Each object is unique and calls out to him, and asks to be made into something fresh. They call out to be seen, if not for the first time then from an angle that’s been hidden. They call for light and shadows. They call out to be celebrated.

Ilan’s art sometimes uses use powder coating, metal, fiberglass or epoxy, but he always bends neon to highlight these objects and create art that we can’t look away from. This brightness reflects the joy he finds in creating his art. The effect of neon is immediate, warm, euphoric. It’s a century-old tool that harnesses some of the same energy found in stars to create a sharpness which our current moment yearns for. In that way, it’s vintage, timeless, and modern ina single moment. From deep bliss to passing euphoria, Ilan’s art tries to explore the shades of happiness in the human experience and to inspire people towards some measure of that happiness.