"I paint without preconception. I strive for what Buddhists describe as “no-mind” – a state that is essentially free of thought and planning. I respond to what is happening in the work. The physical act of creating is an integral part of my process – the gestures, the addition/subtraction of colour, form and line”

Jane Theodore’s paintings create mysterious spaces for the eye and mind. Perspectives flatten and curve behind a cloud of ephemeral gesture and mark making. Her abstract paintings are a spontaneous, passionate response to her internal world and the external natural environment. She explores these terrains using high-intensity saturated color, vigorous gestural marks and dynamic compositions.

Theodore includes spontaneous, personal but considered mark making in her work. Linear elements and active surfaces mark Theodore’s painting; her work can be read as an exploration of the world and of painting itself, informed by experience, memory, and emotion. 

Jane Theodore’s twenty-year fine arts background includes exhibited work in galleries, representation by international art distributor Progressive Fine Art, and Chicago Center for the Print, and publication by fine art publishers Verkerke Reprodukties N. V., of Holland. Theodore’s work is included in the Collections Canada website, Women Artists in Canada, and is represented in numerous collections throughout North America. 

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Theodore had a successful career as a print-maker, creating hand-painted, limited-edition serigraphs. After a hiatus, Theodore renewed her art practice in 2013 with an exclusive focus on abstract painting. Since, she has exhibited in Canada, and internationally (Colorida Gallery, Portugal). Her work has been recognized in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, and she is a recent semi-finalist in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan’s Series. Theodore lives and paints in Toronto, Canada. 

1997–1998 George Brown College (Desktop Publishing), Toronto, ON
1988, 1990 Dundas Valley School of Art (various design and art studies), Dundas, ON
1978–1979 Red River College (Advertising Art), Winnipeg, MB

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2018    Here comes the dreaming, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON
2018    Up Close | far away (three-woman show), Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON
2017    I've no need to wonder why, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
2017    The pathway to the heart, Angolino Restaurant, Toronto, ON
2016    Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2014    Paper trail, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON

2014    Insomnia Salon Soirée, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON
2014    Migration, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON