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"I really like working large. That human scale is what I keep coming back to. I like the energy that went into the making of the piece to visible."

Jillian Whelan explores current concepts in everything from metaphysical studies to pop culture in her tongue in cheek approach to modern art. Imploring darts of spherical mounds, Jillian illustrates an intricate study in the part creating the whole through movement, texture, light, and humor.

Building upon drips of custom mixed paint blobs, Whelan creates a textural landscape encased in glossy sheets of epoxy resin. Often carrying provocative messages surrounded by a collage of glitter, crystals, and often money; her pieces range on the culturally provocative with drip scapes shouting “Audit The Fed” to floating fields of abstract wheels of color.

A psychedelic colorful experience where the artist encourages you to not only look, but feel, the art. Jillian enjoys unpacking heady arguments into pretty pop packages, looking to raise the vibrations of those she touches through her artistic platform.

2010 AAS Interiors and Design, Parsons Te New School, New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Group Exhibition, Molly and Friends Gallery, New York, NY
2019 Group Exhibition, “Art in Language”, Tampa, FL
         Aqua Art Miami, Miami, FL
         Group Exhibition, “Constellations in Color and Form,” Agora Gallery, New York, NY
         Solo Exhibition, Labor Day Summer Soirée on the South Fork, Sagaponack, NY
         Solo Exhibition, “Beach Boss” pop up shop, Bridgehampton, NY
         Featured Artist, Summer Launch, Planthouse Gallery, New York, NY
         Group Exhibition, Conception Arts Show, New York, NY
         Superfine Art Fair, New York, NY
2018 Solo Exhibition, Holiday Salon for East Ends Nature Conservancies, Southampton, NY
         Group Exhibition, ‘Te Set’ New York Fashion Week Pop Up, New York, NY
         Solo Exhibition, Labor Day Summer Soirée, Sagaponack, NY
         Solo Exhibition, “Fall Forward,” End of Summer Salon, East Hampton, NY

Public and Private Collections

Baycrest Partners, Wall Street/NYSE, New York, NY
Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry, New York, NY
Bespoke Real Estate, Southampton, NY
Cody Vichinsky and Zachary Vichinsky, Te Hamptons, NY
AMF Bowling and Bolwmor Lanes, North America Locations/New York, NY
Pod Hotels, New York, NY
Oppenheimer World Trade Buildout, New York, NY
Interface Showroom, New York, NY
Pinellas County School Systems, Various Projects, Clearwater, FL
Pinellas County Municipalities, Media and Performance Center, Clearwater, FL



Jillian Whelan Works for Sale
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