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Driven by an internal need and guided by a constant search, I seek to create a language of visual abstraction through signs, forms, and codes.
I build my own personal universe from a state of intuition where there are no concepts, labels, judgments or definitions that can block the connection with the higher self, the truest nature.

I express the abstraction of the different states of consciousness through great explosions of color and texture. I allow the painting to take me wherever it may—imperfections are a key element in my creative process due to their remarkable role within a perfect order.

I find my deepest inspiration by observing how different states of consciousness can shape the perception of the world and ourselves. Finding infinite possibilities of fulfillment, realizing all answers lie within — the self transforms into a more complete one, liberated from any condition and filled with limitless potential.

When you connect with your higher-self, there are no limits. You become free, less perfect.

- Jimena Carranza



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