"In stark contrast to past work the new series explores the notion of adornment of the affordable kind.  Ribbons, bows, and streamers in a historical context may evoke feelings of nostalgia, kitsch, and pomp. Allow me to reference Pop Art to describe the work, with the intention to monumentalize these humble objects."

Lenore Rae Lampi has been associated with her biomorphic birch bark series for years but has recently moved seamlessly into a new arena of cultural commentary and pop-art influenced objects. In her latest Big Bling Series, Lenore has embraced the forms of ribbons and bows, essentially birch bark of another kind, the outermost layer of cultural icons and nostalgic tendencies. 

Aways fascinated with the undulating forms in Classical drapery since the days of observing her mother’s workings as a seamstress, Lenore now captures this movement and narrative with a Pop Art sensibility. With an undeniable nod to the adornment of affordable kind, bows, rickrack and all the fabric manipulation prevalent in the 1940’s and 50’s, rural homes and 4H clubs, Lenore Rae Lampi’s current sculptural work has a bold narrative delineating the growing veneration of the female influence in American culture meanwhile arousing the nostalgic infatuation with the ‘good old days’ that so many Americans seem to want to relive.