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Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based artist who customizes her photographs with paint in a way designed to “abstract landscapes but without completely abstracting reality.” A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design where she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Madeleine intuitively applies gesture, texture, color and strokes with paint with the idea of emulating an immersive reality for viewers and in turn induce the sensation of actually being there just by looking. The inspiration she finds in nature and the effortlessly entertaining pastime of people watching can be felt in her images; with textural color layers and a realistic movement, her images embody the rippled water from a jet ski, ocean waves, the fresh beach breeze. Positive connotations are at the heart of her work, with each of the photographs taken on her trips across the globe, all enhanced by a warm and bright color palette applied through a few happy strokes of a brush. Madeleine's work has been exhibited and acquired in private and public collections across the globe.

2015   B.F.A. Photography, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2019   Art New York, NY, NY
2018   The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art New York, NY
2017   OFY Wynwood, Featured Artist for Art Basel, Miami, FL
2017   Spectrum Miami Art Show, Art Basel, Miami, FL
2017   Live Artist at Finchley Group x Andersons event, Toronto, ON
2017   Abstract Realities by Madeleine Gross, UV Shop, Toronto, ON
2017   Kensington Market Art Fair, Toronto, ON
2017   Building up Together, Toronto, ON
2017   Kit and Ace x Madeleine Gross Artist Feature, Toronto, ON
2016 PI Creative Art Gallery, contributing artist for Prints On Demand, Online 2016- Baredecks, Nude x Vision Streetwear for Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, ON
2016  Collectif Nude Gallery Launch, Toronto, ON
2015   Art on the Dock, Haliburton, ON
2015- Bazaar by Bratlist, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON
2015- OCAD University Graduate Exhibition, Toronto, ON

Selected Press
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2018   Tropical Art Inspired Makeup feat. BeetaBeauty + Madeleine Gross | ipsyArt Squared
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