"My style and approach are greatly influenced by my background in biology and scientific research.  In my artwork, I try to express the dynamic form of growth and symmetry encountered in cells and tissues, as well as in whole organisms throughout the natural world.  Without attempting to accurately portray biological structures in my artwork, I use the reiteration of simple shapes and abstract forms, like holes and fissures, to achieve the perception of organic complexity.  My aim is for a piece to appear as if it arose by the process of natural growth.  Wood seems a natural choice of medium, as it is derived from the processes of biological growth that is the foundation of my artistic style."

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Sculptural Objects and Functional Art (SOFA)

2015 Turned & Sculpted Wood, del Mano – A Gallery of Fine Contemporary Craft, an                     “Online” Exhibition, www.delmano.com

         Turned Wood – Small Treasures (Spring), del Mano – A Gallery of Fine Contemporary             Craft, an “On Line” Exhibition, www.delmano.com


Selected Publications

2016 Carving with Mark Doolittle, Good Woodworking, May (Issue 305), 24-28

         Biology Meets Art, Good Woodworking, May (Issue 305), 58-62

2014 Under the Canopy:  Mark Doolittle, Sunshine Artists, November, 28-31

         Gallery of Gourd Carving Art in The Complete Book of Gourd Carving (Widess &                   Summit, eds), Fox Chapel Publishing, pgs. 28-29

2013 The Art of Carving Sea Fan by Mark Doolittle, Carving No. 133, pg. 72

         Nature’s First Canvas, Montage, pgs. 92-95