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"I create abstract art that is captivating to look at and draws the viewer further inside the piece."

Palak is a self-taught abstract artist.  She was born in India and moved to the United Kingdom when she was 6 months old.  Born into an Indian family who were hard workers, she was taught early on that education was key to moving forward in life.  She gained a Mathematics degree at a top London University and went into the Investment Banking industry.

It wasn’t until 2019 when she made the decision to move away from banking and pursue her passion in art that her life changed.  She had the realisation that following her dream was far more important that working in an industry that wasn’t fulfilling her ambitions.  She has been inspired by her heritage, shapes and patterns around her and motivated by knowing that art can create a sense of calm to the mind, for the one creating the art and for those who are observing it.  Her work has been described as meditative and rich, full of vibrancy. 

Palak has accomplished many extraordinary things in a short period of time, from being featured in numerous publications to working with art consultants and galleries to exhibit her works.  Her dedication and passion for what she does is seen through her work and felt when you have conversations with her about it.

1998 Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London

Group Exhibitions

2022 – Artist Talk Magazine, “Digital Exhibition,” Broadway Plaza Times Square, New York City, NY, USA.

2022 – Harrow Open Studios, “Discover Art on your Doorstep,” Headstone Manor Museum, London, UK.

2022 – Maggio Art Consultancy, “Virtual Exhibition in the Metaverse.”

2021 – Harrow Open Studios, “Celebration of Colour,” Online exhibition.

2020 – Harrow Open Studios, “Winter Exhibition,” Online exhibition.

2020 – Las Laguna Art Gallery, “A Light in the Darkness,” Laguna Beach, California, USA.

Publications and Media

Vogue’s Gallery.  British Vogue, April 2022.  Page 254.

Vogue’s Gallery.  British Vogue, March 2022.  Page 308.

Vogue’s Gallery.  British Vogue, February 2022.  Page 202.

Celebration of Art.  Artist Talk Magazine.  Issue 17, October 2021.  Page 55.

Contemporary Artists & Exhibitions.  Inside Artists.  Issue 20, Autumn/Winter 2021.  Pages 18-19.

Aesthetica Magazine.  Issue 102, August/September 2021.  Page 139.



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