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"My work is a creative, sometimes meditative journey for me, and it excites me when other designers push the boundaries of these designs in unexpected ways. I'm also very excited about many new technologies that are becoming so much more accessible to produce decorative products in general.

I do have fine art.. that is a direct result of some my upholstery designs that started out as 2D geometric graphics. I begin to imagine these more as 3D geometric architecture. I wanted to experience what it would be like to be inside the spaces of my patterns. My Wire Art technique allows one’s imagination to explore the architecture of the shapes as if from the inside looking out and seeing through it to the other side”.

Patty Madden is a design pioneer who has deep roots in Palm Beach lifestyle and fashion scene. Having been surrounded by high-end design all her life, expanding the wallcovering industry from its foundation and emerging once again as a trendsetter in the emerging digital art revolution and 3D printing frontier. Having worked in the digital world for the past four decades, designing decorative products, wall coverings, upholstery, etc. her designs, art and objects products can now be seen in high-end corporate and luxury lifestyle settings all over the world. 

She originally started working with 3D animations to create commercial ads for her decorative product promotions. She enjoyed doing it so much that she decided to turn it into an art form in its own right. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she started creating fantasy settings to give herself a place to escape to. A place to meditate and feel safe.

Recently, she also started creating Wire Art, a new medium in 3D sculpture that she has pioneered to create patterns and shapes that are defined by the multidimensional composition of wire structures. 




Parsons School of Design, New York, NY



2023 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, STEIDEL Contemporary

2023 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Eternity Gallery
2023 Solo Exhibition, Eternity Gallery

Public & Private Collections

CF Stinson Designs and Textiles, International

New York’s Walker Group Interior Design
National Solutions Dallas
Luxe Surfaces International

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Patty works for salw


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