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Avant-garde Sculpture meets Contemporary Urban Culture at Aqua Art Miami

Steidel Contemporary’s international exhibition will explore authenticity and cultural awareness at the upcoming Art Basel Miami satellite fair held at the famous Aqua Hotel

Tina Psoinos - TP_Chapter 10A Doutzen These Boots are made for Walking orange on Pink (2018) Mixed media, 30x40 inches

Miami Beach, Florida, December 5th, 2018 - Steidel Contemporary, of London and Palm Beach, will be featured at the upcoming Aqua Art Miami fair with an eclectic and multidisciplinary showcase. The exhibition will be centered on the central theme of redefining meaning in today’s ever-changing social environment and the broader quest for emotional connection, identity, and authenticity. The artwork on display will include abstract paintings by British artist Ian Rayer-Smith, street/pop art by New York City-based Tina Psoinos, contemporary wood art by Mark Henry Doolittle, and ceramic sculpture by Debra Steidel among other assembled collections. Many of the works included will embrace surrealist automatism, cultural commentary, perpetual motion and, hidden symbolism with the purpose of contextualizing the artist’s work or place in society.

Debra Steidel - Cornu Glaciei (2018) Hand thrown porcelain and cast lead crystal glass, 20x24x14 inches The Aqua Art Miami exhibition will be an example of Steidel Contemporary’s ambition to bring emerging artists from the London art scene to the greater USA audience while incorporating those works into a platform dedicated to style, detail, and quality. “In keeping with our dedication to sourcing trending UK and European art collections, Aqua is a great moment for us to show our collection to a wider audience,” says Maxwell Chapman, a Director at Steidel Contemporary. “This exhibition will combine our international awareness with our focus on intriguing sculptural collections to offer a contemplative critique of contemporary art’s place in modern day life and the cultural enrichment it provides on so many levels.” Steidel Contemporary is a contemporary fine art gallery that recently moved into a new space in Lake Worth, Florida as part of the Palm Beach Art, Antique and Design Showroom among other note-worthy contemporary art galleries such as Villa Del Arte Galleries (Barcelona) while still overseeing a space in the Chelsea/Fulham district of London. Find Steidel Contemporary in Room #105 at Aqua Art Miami at 1530 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL from December 5th - 9th as part of Art Week Miami during Art Basel Miami. EXHIBITING ARTISTS LISA CIRENZA ARISTOTELIS DELIGIANNIDIS MARK HENRY DOOLITTLE TESSA EASTMAN LORENA GARCIA MATEU ARIEL GOLD TY JOSEPH JOHN LENDIS TINA PSOINO SHASTI SARDASHTI DEBRA STEIDEL DEBRA VAN TUINEN If you would like more information about this topic, please call Maxwell Chapman at 561-283-2446, or email:

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