Turning wood has become a passion that truly consumes me. Every tree, every branch, every burl has a story to tell, and if I can show everyone how beautiful the tree really is - not just what you see on the outside, but on the inside - then I will have done my job. A Tree is a living organism that has purpose in life. Whether it is to give needed shade, food, or shelter. So now I can preserve it, and it will continue to live, and show its beauty forever.”

Steven Potts uses unusual, rare domestic and exotic woods to make his unique vessels. He incorporates classical shapes, scrolled sculptural designs, tints, inlays, and the natural inclusions and formations of the wood into his lathe-turned pieces. He also likes to use a variety of natural ornamentation with his artwork. Exotic Wood finials, fossils, minerals, gems, and unusual organics elements that were collected from all over the world are used to crown many of his pieces and used as an avenue for artistic expression. These two seemingly different influences explore the concept of wood given to movement and new art form. They also make each piece a very special and individualized work. The glasslike finishes are made by using a special lacquer mixture.  

Public and Private Collections

Northshore Hospital Systems Highland Park, Chicago
Children's Hospital, Metro Chicago
Belleville/St. Louis, IL Mayor's Office
Jack Welch Collection
Gerard Cafesjian Collection
Lester Marks (Board Member Contemporary Art Museum Houston)
Don Kinder Collection
John Voss Collection