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"I am a photographic artist specializing in impressionistic images of landscapes, nature, objects and cityscapes. None of my works are digitally manipulated. I use a unique photographic technique, which I developed, which allows me to “paint” with my camera on -site. My images are a direct result of the impressions I had at the time. I try to capture the infinite variations of our everyday reality, releasing color from its form."


Explosive sensual color. Thick dynamic brushstrokes. Delicate shards of reflected light. Temel Nal’s unique photoworks unite the opposite forces of abstract and figurative in a powerful interaction of imagination and reality. “I feel color, I sense light……” are the fundamentals that drive him to create his emotional and strong images. Nal has been transforming every day with his camera since 1996. Skylines, cars, fields of flora, architecture, Oriental Bazaars, people – all chosen subjects that he elevates from the literal, with his specific – never divulged – photographic technique. His easy relationship with intense color and powerful emotion make his work highly accessible to the viewer. He kicks open your senses with his swathes of camera “strokes”, inviting us to reconsider the values that we ascribe to the everyday.

Fundamental to all his works is the astounding fact that they are not computer-manipulated. Starting with an analog camera in the early years, he changed to digital with the advent of that new technology. All of Nal’s images have been and are the result of the technique he uses whilst taking the photo. There is no post-production manipulation, only a minimal enhancement in the definition and color intensity of the image. Not unlike film development in the analog era.

In a world where it is taken for granted that photographic images are incessantly enhanced, his direct-creation in situ is like a breath of fresh air. Janus-faced technology does not come into the equation. He calls this “Pure Photo Impression”. Emphasizing that his final image is pure, untampered and the exact rendition of what he was feeling at the time and place of the work’s genesis. He uses his camera – to re-quote Fox Talbot – as “the pencil of art”. This disregard of technology gives his work a highly personal, self-reflexive slant, bold and vibrant colors contained within the artificial boundaries of the canvas, tempered with the unexpected of strong, liberated emotion.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2019  Swissotel Gallery, Istanbul

2019  Antony Todd Showroom NYC, New York

2019  KONTEMPO NYC, in THE YARD, NYC. New York

2019  Health & Racquet Club, Park Avenue, NYC, NY

2019  MMG Gallery, Milano as part of the Festivale di Fotografia, Milano

2019  Group Show, KONTEMPO, Bowery, NYC, New York

2019  Foire International d’Art Contemporain, Paris, Galleria Marco Antonio Patrizio, Padua

2019  Group show “The Silent Witness”, Camden Gallery, London

2018  CLIO Art Fair, New York City, NY, USA

2017  ARTNIGHT Olching, Olching, Germany (group)

2017  Haus Heiliggeist, Munich, Germany (solo)

2016  Turkish Embassy, Berlin , Germany (with Ali Yesil)

2013  Porsche Zentrum, Niederbayern, Germany, 50 Years of 911“. (solo)
2011  European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2010  Capitol Theatre, Offenbach, Germany ,  “Apfelstrudel trifft Balaklava”, (solo)



Temel Nal Works
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