“I like to think that my artwork comes out of nowhere or nothing, because this would make it very pure. But I know it's not. Nothing ever comes out of nothing, and nothing is never really pure. It's not that I think about what I do too much, but it's more about what I discover later. In the beginning when people started to ask me about the meaning of my L's, I didn't know what to say. I thought they came out of nowhere. But now I say that they stand for 'Los Angeles', or they stand for 'elegance', or they are the missing syllable from my name when I changed it to Ty. But when it comes to my art as a whole, portraying elegance is very important to me because no one else seems to care about elegance anymore – especially in art.”

Ty Joseph was born Tal Ezra Joseph in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. In the mid 2000’s, after his service in the Israel Navy, he spent two years touring America as a musician before finding a true home in Los Angeles. There he pursued his education, graduating from California State University with a degree in liberal studies while carrying out a career in real estate, and taking part in Hollywood’s zestful nightlife. In mid 2016, Ty has returned to his early passion of painting and began his career as an artist.


While influenced by Pop Art, with its bold, eye-catching images, Ty’s work is also an intense desire to express individuality, elegance and social interactions by applying symbolic overtones. Working with vivid, distinct colors on large canvases, Ty infuses his sense of identity into each of his works with signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns. When viewed from a distance, these patterns create an illusion of unity that, upon closer inspection, reveal a much more complex, multi-faceted image, much like the idea of individuality itself. Ty lives and works from his residence in Hollywood. His first art book, The Meaning of L, was published in December 2018.