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Women Artists in the Forefront Exhibition

Extended to May 20, 2020

Women Artists in the Forefront is a curated exhibition honoring some of our most ambitious female artists on our platform. As we amplify women’s voices in the art world, we are pleased to celebrate the past, inform the present, and inspire the future.

This invitational event features new artworks by Didem Yagci, Shima Shanti, Elisa Adams, Lorena Garcia Mateu, Debra Steidel, Jennifer McCurdy, Valerie Rey, Julia Johnson, Candone Wharton and Susan Hostetler. 


Didem's sculptures are based upon the architecture, design & installation psychology of metropolises, and the visually coded hierarchy of the urban areas, emphasizing the relationship between the human’s position in society with the illusional relation on the human’s body, identity, and fate. These geometric illusions which are referred to as the psychology of urban touch, constituting both a virtual architectural space and as a reflection of multilayered forms of understanding. 

Artistic Liberty

Debra Steidel’s self-taught style is ever-present in her unorthodox porcelain sculptures. She also continually strives to broaden her artistic vision by incorporating new techniques and styles. Her work ushers a renaissance of the Art Nouveau period, when art was defined by organic forms, flowing curvature, and a philosophy of artistic liberty in conjunction with the natural environment.