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"My education is American, the firing techniques are Asian and the glaze

influences are from Morocco, and the forms are inspired by ancient cultures,

architecture and vessels."

Candone Wharton (b. 1950) is best known for her primitive and understated collection of stoneware vessels and more recently for her coiled porcelain vessels. The form of the vessels are built up from layers of carved and textured coils with blanket weave and block print designs. Wharton is fascinated by the lusters of Moroccan pottery with a specific interest in Raku firing.

While in her first studio on the island of Ibiza, Spain, Wharton adapted to a minimalist creative process limited to a basic studio and kiln using only her hands and simple hand tools to manipulate forms and add texture to her works. Now she utilizes more tools such as kitchen utensils but the subtle primitive feel still remains.

Candone Wharton studied at Young Harris College and the University of Georgia. After nearly two decades in Ibiza, Spain and numerous international teaching partnerships, Wharton is now based in Florida. 

AFA Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA
BFA University of Georgia, Athens, GA


Hand built Ceramics by Kathy Triplett 

Beautiful Things by Artful Home 

Ceramics Today by Jeffery Snyder 

500 Raku by Ray Hemachandra and Jim Ramberg 

Public and Private Collections

Ritz Carlton, Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
Marquesa de Aledo Estate, Madrid, Spain
Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

Ferdinan Finn Estate, Oslo, Norway
Northwestern Hospital, Evanston, IL
Eugene P. Beard USA
Gumps, San Francisco, CA
Nicosia Embassy
Vienna Embassy
Cyprus Embassy
Brunei Embassy



Wharton Works for Sale
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