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"Fine crafted works of art have become a rarity as people have left behind the tradition of working with their own hands."

Debra’s self-taught style is ever-present in her unorthodox porcelain sculptures. She also continually strives to broaden her artistic vision by incorporating new techniques and styles. Her work ushers a renaissance of the Art Nouveau period (1890–1910), when art was defined by organic forms, flowing curvature, and a philosophy of artistic liberty in conjunction with the natural environment.


Debra Steidel’s composition of carvings and ornamental lids are reminiscent of the works by French visionary Émile Gallé (1846-1904). Yet she also clearly shares the versatility of American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), well known for his dedication to aestheticism, opalescence, and elegance. It was Tiffany who trademarked the word ‘Favrile,’ an old French term for ‘handmade’ in 1894, an ethos at the forefront of Debra Steidel’s artwork.


The defining influence of Art Nouveau undoubtedly lingers in the expression of each Steidel masterpiece, yet perhaps the most fascinating parallel between Debra’s mixed media sculpture and the brilliance of the Nouveau legendaries is the uncanny resemblance to René Lalique’s (1860 -1945) sinuous creativity and artistic genius.


With harmonious bond between the form of each vessel and intricacy of each sculpture, a natural vitality is alluringly present in Debra Steidel’s work. The beauty and purpose of Debra’s work treads the border between the archaic and the contemporary yet her pioneering artistic spirit maintains a timeless essence. 



Debra Steidel Works for Sale
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