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Emre Namyeter (born 1984, Istanbul), began his education in Salzburg Fine Arts Academy in 2010 and continued his studies in San Francisco Fine Arts Academy, Sculpture department in 2012. He continued his education in Montreal Concordia University. He is now based in Istanbul where he lives and creates.

Emre Namyeter creates multiple layered abstract sculptures made of glass and stainless steel from original paintings of florescent pigments and resins. Repetitive linear movement and mark-making in the wet resin allow Emre to create harmony between contrasting colors and outstanding, organic fluidity in his compositions. 

There is a beautifully controlled chaos in his work, similar to the natural aesthetic seen in tree growth or waves crashing on a shoreline. Although seemingly random and wild, Namyeter's creative process is extremely controlled and orderly in order to orchestrate the vivid compositions. His preference for circular canvases derives from his desire for balance and makes for powerful focal points. Moreover, the process of creation is taken to a new level of mastery with the use of light, glass and steel to give his work defining monumental scale that embrace minimalism and transcendentalism.





Academy of Art, San Francisco




2023 Contemporary İstanbul Bloom, Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul,Turkey

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, Not only Digital, Dubai, UAE

2022 Contemporary Istanbul Bloom, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

AWC Dubai, Dubai,

UAE Galerie Bartoux, Cannes, France

MiArt Gallery London, London, UK

2021 Contemporary Istanbul, Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2020 Now & Future, Artzdeal Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Art Market II, Anna Laudel Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Odyssey,

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Now I See Or Do I?, Pi Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Spring Show, Academy of Art, San Francisco, USA 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2014 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Not Now, Çağla Çabaoğlu Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Public & Private Collections


St. Regis - Doha, Qatar

Sheraton - Turkey

Hilton  - Turkey

Mariott - Turkey

Four Seasons  - Turkey

Hyatt Regency - Aqaba, Jordan

St Regis - Qatar - Doha

Six Senses - Turkey

The Stay - Turkey

Mykonos Club - Cayman Islands

Private Collection - Dubai

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Emr works for salw


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