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Julia Dogan’s art revolves around women because she believes freedom if paramount to the female soul and it's precisely what she wants to convey in her paintings. The freedom to be who you want, with whom you want, to do what you want; pure self expression. Dogan believes that freedom brings a person a sense of euphoria, and through her paintings, she wishes to inspire people to feel that liberation.

Breaking free from her inner struggles marked the beginning of a transformative period in Dogan’s creative life. For Dogan, the process of creating a painting starts with an idea – what she wants to communicate, the thought to express, and what the viewer should contemplate. She wants viewers to form a whole story in their minds, associating it with their lives and the hero/heroine within themselves.


Art Wynwood , Miami, USA, February 2024

Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, January 2024

Context Art Fair, Miami, USA, December 2023

Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, USA, April 2023

Art Expo New York, New York, USA, April 2023

Solo Show, Miami, March 2023

World Art Dubai, Dubai, OAE, March 2023

Context Art Fair, Miami, USA, December 2022

Qatar Art Festival, Doha, Qatar, September 2022

Art Expo Dallas, Dallas, TX September 2022

Art Palm Beach Art Fair, West Palm Beach, FL, March 2022

Spectrum Miami Art Fair 2021, Miami, December 2021

Forbidden Fruit, Group exhibition, Wynwood, Miami, FL 2021

Museum Of Russian Art, MORA, New Jersey, July 2021

Pop Up Museum, Moscow, Russia, March 2021



Julia Dogan
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